Details of our cutting services

Our CNC router can cut anything you need. We can cut and build any material to your specifications. We have all the supplies here in our factory for anything you need. We do complicated signs and logos.

Our CNC router can be used for both commercial and domestic design. We cut doors, doorframes, window frames, and cupboard handles.

Our main use of the CNC router is to cut and manufacture slatwall.

Slat wall is manufactured on a CNC router cutting machine. The machine can be loaded with mdf boards that can have various finishes. These finishes include Melamine, Veneer, and Oak. You can also choose to stay with an mdf finish and have it spray painted. This is the best option if you need a vibrant, bright colour.

The Slat wall sheets start life as 2.4cm x 1.2cm. however we can cut them to 1.2cm x 1.2cm, but two sheets must be purchased. They are 12mill thick standard, and the standard cuts are 130mill, however we can shorten the cuts to as small as 70mill.

We use our CNC router cutting machine to cut many things, not just Slat wall. We build Gas boiler housing units using the same method, so we’re well experienced in cutting. A gas boiler replacement most of the time needs a brand new housing unit alongside it.

What do you use your CNC router for?

A CNC router is a high-powered cutting machine. It can cut the same design into a piece of wood or mdf perfect every time. This is an incredibly useful tool that we use every day and for every project.

We manufacture several different products using our CNC router. Beds, Bunk beds, Dining tables, Dining sets, Chairs, Wardrobes, Alcove units. If it’s made from wood, it’s been on our CNC router.

rc5 What do you use your CNC router for?

One of the latest products we’ve manufactured on our CNC router is a variety of Radiator Cabinet. They can be cut in so many different varying designs because of our CNC router, it can cut any assortment of designs, from straight and traditional, to intricate and creative.