Can I order in large quantities?

CNC route is used to cut all of the products that we make, from Storage Heater to bunkbed frames, the CNC router is the most important piece of machinery in the workshop. It can cut anything you need, Wood, Plastic, Acrylic or Foam. This makes the machine incredibly versatile as it can play a part in every single project we take on. (more…)

We can cut slatwall!

We use our CNC router to cut something in every single project we do. Yes, It’s really that valuable and versatile. So, what does it do? A CNC router is a computer-operated machine that cuts a piece of material the exact same way every time. This is essential for the mass production of wooden pieces, such as bunk bed frames or a radiator cover. (more…)

Details of our cutting services

Our CNC router can cut anything you need. We can cut and build any material to your specifications. We have all the supplies here in our factory for anything you need. We do complicated signs and logos. (more…)

What do you use your CNC router for?

A CNC router is a high-powered cutting machine. It can cut the same design into a piece of wood or mdf perfect every time. This is an incredibly useful tool that we use every day and for every project. (more…)

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