Making new doors for old furniture

Recently we had a request to see if we could cut new doors for a walk-in-wardrobe in Dublin 6. The client was a carpenter themselves, they just needed our CNC router to cut the doors to the exact same dimensions, sand, and finish the doors.

Once we got the order we went work, purchasing the material requested and loading it onto the CNC. Our designer whipped up a design in auto-cad and we ran it on the CNC, from there the cut was made and we then loaded the second sheet to cut the design again, to make a perfect match.

After it was cut, we had our in-house carpenters sand and finish the doors, and put any finishing touches, such as door handles and hinges.

At the end of the week, the client came and picked up their new doors from our factory in kylemore, park north. They have since returned for many wooden pieces that need to be cut on our CNC, such as Slatwall & Wall Panelling.

Can I order in large quantities?

CNC route is used to cut all of the products that we make, from Storage Heater to bunkbed frames, the CNC router is the most important piece of machinery in the workshop. It can cut anything you need, Wood, Plastic, Acrylic or Foam. This makes the machine incredibly versatile as it can play a part in every single project we take on.

The CNC router cuts the same design into a material perfectly every time, which makes it perfect for branding and logo work, if you already have a product and just need your logo cut into it, or you have a design for a product or furniture piece, and wish for us to mass produce it and cut your logo into it, that is also possible.

We are used to large quantity orders, as the CNC router can cut, and design material faster than any carpenter can, this means that our licenced carpenters only have to assemble the individual pieces of the furniture, instead of building everything from scratch.

Mostly our CNC router cuts slatwall for shop fitouts. We cut, paint, finish and supply slatwall accessories for all of the stores & local shops we do large scale shop fitting for.  This means we are always using the CNC router, and as such, our carpenters & CNC technician are experts at this line of production.

We can cut slatwall!

We use our CNC router to cut something in every single project we do. Yes, It’s really that valuable and versatile. So, what does it do? A CNC router is a computer-operated machine that cuts a piece of material the exact same way every time. This is essential for the mass production of wooden pieces, such as bunk bed frames or a radiator cover.

We can use our CNC to cut anything you need, Wood, Plastic, Acrylic or Foam. The CNC router is also perfect for any logo & design work, such as signage, as it can pump out the same design/sign over and over without any error. This ensures that your branding and brand image will be identical over many products.

Mostly our CNC router is used to cut slatwall. Slatwall & Slatwall accessories are used to hold products in most stores around the country. They are perfect to save space in the store and make sure each individual product has adequate spacing, so nothing looks too cramped. They really open up the store and allow the store to breathe.

If you or your company is in need of cutting services, you can contact us by phone or email 9-5 Monday – Friday.

Details of our cutting services

Our CNC router can cut anything you need. We can cut and build any material to your specifications. We have all the supplies here in our factory for anything you need. We do complicated signs and logos.

Our CNC router can be used for both commercial and domestic design. We cut doors, doorframes, window frames, and cupboard handles.

Our main use of the CNC router is to cut and manufacture slatwall.

Slat wall is manufactured on a CNC router cutting machine. The machine can be loaded with mdf boards that can have various finishes. These finishes include Melamine, Veneer, and Oak. You can also choose to stay with an mdf finish and have it spray painted. This is the best option if you need a vibrant, bright colour.

The Slat wall sheets start life as 2.4cm x 1.2cm. however we can cut them to 1.2cm x 1.2cm, but two sheets must be purchased. They are 12mill thick standard, and the standard cuts are 130mill, however we can shorten the cuts to as small as 70mill.

We use our CNC router cutting machine to cut many things, not just Slat wall. We build Wall Panelling using the same method, so we’re well experienced in cutting.

What do you use your CNC router for?

A CNC router is a high-powered cutting machine. It can cut the same design into a piece of wood or mdf perfect every time. This is an incredibly useful tool that we use every day and for every project.

We manufacture several different products using our CNC router. Beds, Bunk beds, Dining tables, Dining sets, Chairs, Wardrobes, Alcove units. If it’s made from wood, it’s been on our CNC router.

rc5 What do you use your CNC router for?

One of the latest products we’ve manufactured on our CNC router is a variety of Radiator Cabinet. They can be cut in so many different varying designs because of our CNC router, it can cut any assortment of designs, from straight and traditional, to intricate and creative.