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Plastic Cutting Services

CNC router cutting is a machine controlled by a computer and used for cutting out designs, patterns and shapes. All plastic materials will come in flat sheets which is the most efficient way for a CNC machine to cut. Due to a low frequency of errors during the manufacturing process projects are delivered within the timescales.

Plastic comes in different types with varying densities and textures. Most common ones are Acrylic, Foamed PVC and Polyurethane which are highly moisture resistant and durable.

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Plastics We Can Cut

    Acrylic is more commonly known through brand names such as Plexiglas, Perspex and Makrolon. It can be clear and transparent resembling glass in texture. It is however not as heavy as glass and can be a better option in situations where weight is an issue. Acrylic has a reflective surface which is great for bouncing back the light.
    Foamed PVC is a chemical mixture of the world’s most common plastic polymer (PVC) with polyurea known through brand names such as Fomex and Forex. It is easy to cut and shape and comes in various different colours. Depending on the density of the Foamed PVC it can be utilised for temporary or long term use and for both interior and exterior uses. The uses of Foamed PVC includes signage, exhibition stands, shop fittings, interior design and much more.
    Polyurethane is widely used in lots of various applications from interior design to cars and aircrafts. It is light and soft in texture and flexible to work with. Cutting this type of plastic on a CNC router will most likely be used in lettering, signage and installations.

Our CNC router cuts plastic as well as different types of wood materials. Did you know that a CNC router machine cuts radiator cover parts that are made of MDF and are assembled and sprayed by our in house professionals. Our online service at will provide you with a selection of pre designed radiator covers.

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Plastics make an attractive alternative for wood due to its long lifespan. It is lighter and more accessible than glass and more flexible to work with compared to both glass and wood.

A CNC router is widely used by our team to create kitchen cabinets. If you want to order a new kitchen get in touch with our professionals.

plastic cutting services

Acrylic Cutting

A CNC router creates consistency in high-quality work and will reproduce identical designs and shapes for large orders. When using a CNC router the rate of errors is significantly reduced allowing orders to be delivered within timescales.

Did you know that acrylic is a type of transparent plastic and is more commonly known through brand names such as Plexiglass, Perspex and Makrolon. It comes in different colours and can be matte or shiny. Acrylic is shatter resistant and light in weight.

Acrylic is used in circumstances where glass is too heavy. Pieces that are cut on a CNC machine are handled by our specialists and if needs be installed and assembled. Acrylic can be commercially used for branding or for personal projects like home decor.

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Acrylic Cutting Service

In interior design acrylic can be applied in furniture, like coffee tables and chairs to create a minimalist look. Due to its reflective surface, acrylic can bounce natural light making the space look brighter. This is great for rooms where daylight isn’t illuminating the entire room.

Natural light is an important factor of interior design. It isn’t always possible to allow for lots of natural light in a building, so reflective surfaces like acrylic, can help light to bounce back into the room instead of it being absorbed. For example, using acrylic in the kitchen instead of tiles can be a solution when creating a brighter space because of its shiny texture.

In commercial projects acrylic can be a glass substitute in gallery installations or floating picture frames for wall art. It can be cut into precisely measured sheets. Custom cut acrylic sheets can be used for shelving in display units in shops and in commercial buildings as flooring, protective glass, sound barriers or more.

Acrylic is widely used by businesses to create outdoor signage due to the variety of colours and its high ability to withstand chemical resistance.

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There are different types of outdoor signage:

  • Backlit signs
    Can be used for both exterior or interior. Using backlit signs will help your business be visible outside or guide the customers attention inside.
  • Channel letters
    Also known as 3D individual lettering. They are great for daytime use and are amazing during night time due to LED illumination. They are bold and make a business stand out. They require professional installation and due to its connection to electricity they will be installed by an electrician.
  • Individual letters
    These letters are unique, individually designed, cut and are installed by a professional in case the surface area is uneven. They can also be lit and can have front lighting, halo lighting or a combination of both.
acrylic cutting services

Choosing acrylic for your project whether it’s interiors or signage can be an overwhelming task. We are a Dublin based company with in house designers, customer service and specialists that will be happy to consult you on designs, drawings and materials. Get in touch with our team member for a quotation or to place an order.