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CNC Cutting Services

CNC Router is brought to you from the team behind the hugely successful furniture and fittings company Custom Made.

We provide a design led resource with the latest technology aimed at small scale production and for the development of protypes for designers. Our crew have experience and can deliver almost anything made of wood on time and on budget.

We are 100% Irish and our factory is based in Kylemore Park North, Dublin. We carry out work nationwide for both the commercial sector and the domestic market. All work is done in-house saving time and money for our clients.

CNC Cutting is a subset of Leinster Facility Services ( that employs designers and CNC operators to cut wood for construction projects for LFS, but also for other standalone jobs for the public or the trade sectors. We offer a CNC cutting service in wood, plastic, acrylic and anything else that the machine can cut through. We supply standard materials to trade and domestic sectors such as slatwall and signage, however the CNC cutting machine is capable of creating intricate designs from calligraphy and fancy writing right up to logos cut out of or even “burned” into materials, so it really has a lot of scope for what it can do.

CNC Cutting - Domestic

Our CNC cutting service can serve multiple domestic services such as designs on kitchen presses or the cutting of acrylic for parties. We’ve actually cut quite a bit of a special plastic material for weddings, it can be cut to any size so has been used to “name” tables or hang the bride and grooms names in a love heart over the head table. We actually started doing this because one of the staff here got married and wanted to use the CNC cutting as a design, and since then we put some pictures online and have gotten a fair few people inquiring! The CNC cutting service is really malleable and people love it for weddings because it’s the definition of a once off, unique event that the CNC is perfect for. All it costs is a few sheets of special plastic and the use of the CNC, it’s not peanuts but it’s far cheaper than designs made by wedding companies!

However, the important thing to remember about CNC cutting is that it can be used for any design you like and we even have designers on site that are familiar with the machine to talk you through what it needs. As long as we can find a file that the software will accept (for example it accepts most fonts) then the software can tell the CNC what to cut and will cut it into the material perfectly every time.

CNC Cutting - Industrial

The guys here who do the CNC cutting use the industrial sector as their bread and butter. We can cut slatwalls, doorframes, window frames etc. If it can fit on our bed (8ftx4ft) then we can cut multiple materials in multiple designs and the staff here are all very familiar with standard slats or shelves, it’s what they spend most of the day doing. So if you would like standardised shapes cut because you can’t find a particular wood for a doorway, or a client wants to pick a specific design, our CNC cutting service can make multiple doors in exactly the same size and exactly the same design multiple times a lot faster and much more accurately than a standard carpenter can. Which is by far the main reason to use it, the CNC cutting is unequalled in its speed and precision.

CNC Cutting - Commercial

The most common requests for commercial premises are again slatwall, shelves and signage. We can easily fit all of this for you as well as long as you let us know what’s needed. The lads here are very interested in doing signs. They’re the most difficult to do because they need to be perfected and loaded into the machine, so they usually have to be written in by hand and agreed with the client and then the CNC cutting needs to be absolutely perfect, but this is usually spot on.

However with the difficulty comes job satisfaction. Slatwalls are simple, easy and boring. They’re a bit of a grind. Doing signage is always unique, because no two companies have the same logos. Which makes that work that little bit more interesting and exciting. Now that isn’t to say we don’t like getting work on slatwalls or shelving units! They’re just fairly easy to perfect as we tend to do a few dozen every day, if you order 50 100mm spaces slatwall off us then that’s what you’ll get, they do exactly what it says on the tin! Signage and logos are just that little bit different and give us all something to think about.

With CNC cutting there’s a lot of standard cuts that you do day in, day out. Which is precisely where the machine is at its best. But there’s also a lot of very specific cuts that the router can manage that a carpenter or cabinet maker can’t, so do keep the machine, and, in mind when you want to get artistic or creative!

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