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COVID Screens
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COVID Protective Screens

We are still taking orders for COVID Screens and Sneeze Guards, having developed a range of services which offer protection against the Coronavirus. While the lockdown is set to continue, we have established some new products which will help people to remain safe during the crisis.

Our products will benefit businesses which continue to operate during these times — such as shops, schools, factories, taxi drivers, and public transport providers. We provide made-to-measure COVID panels and can incorporate branding or social distancing instructions as details on the product.

Throughout the lockdown in Dublin, shops and pharmacies have remained open to provide essential supplies. The safety and well-being for these keyworkers is a huge concern. Installing protective screens is one way to ensure that social distancing guidelines are observed and to follow best practice in preventing the spread of the virus.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, safety is the number one priority. Get in touch and we will endeavour to come up with a solution for your unique needs.

COVID-19 Protective Screens
covid screens ireland
covid screen

Protective Screens

Our protective screens are made from clear perspex and will help to ensure your employees and customers are protected against airborne pathogens. The Coronavirus screens are available in a range of sizes and can be ordered to your specific requirements. A further benefit of the protective screens is that they are available with height adjustable stands and are therefore adaptable for a range of locations within your shop or office.

Similarly, where offices or factories are still operating, you may wish to consider ordering protection screens for key areas within your building such as the reception desk or in-betweens desks where you sit with colleagues or clients.

While we offer a range of standard size protective panels, we also have the ability to custom-make clear Perspex panels to fit your requirements. For example, you may an unusual size or shaped counter that you need to cover. Get in touch with one of our friendly team who will be happy to provide for a specific quote for your order.

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Driver Protection Screens

Transport providers may encounter specific difficulties adhering to social distancing regulations and will want to ensure that both their customers and drivers are kept safe during these times. While Taxis continue to be a key mode of transport it is therefore important to consider adaptations that can be made for both drivers and passengers.

Driver protection screens offer a high level or protection and peace of mind to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These panels are custom-cut for any vehicle size, and we offer a quick-turn around from placing your order to manufacturing it and it being ready for collection or delivery.

These Coronavirus protection panels will be of particular interest to those drivers or firms who provide regular transport to hospital or healthcare workers, who may be more likely to encounter the virus. Passengers who use the taxi will also feel a greater peace of mind that you are adhering to health guidance.

Minibus drivers who provide a shared journey may also wish to install these taxi protection screens at a  couple of locations within their vehicle to ensure both the drivers and users are protected. Please make an enquiry for a specific need or order you may have.

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Safety Door Openers

Another innovative product to support people to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is our front door openers. By providing a hands-free way to open doors, you are preventing surface contact and reducing the need for disinfecting the door handle after each time it is opened or closed.

Our door openers are ideal for shops without automatic doors as well as well as companies which use shared workspaces. Factories and businesses may also find these are useful for internal doors and provide an additional safeguard against the transfer of germs.

At only €27 each these door openers provide a cost-effective solution to keeping your employees and customers safe.

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Sanitation Stations & Sneeze Guards

In order to remain operating during these times it is important to provide assurances to customers and employees that as a business you are taking the additional hygiene and prevention measures seriously. A perfect way to do this is to provide sanitation stations at key points throughout your building, and Coronavirus sneeze guards throughout the premises.

You could consider placing one of the stations at the entrance of your shop or office where customers or employees can sanitise their hands upon entry and exit.  Similarly, you could place these at key points within your building where there is likely to be a large footfall.

Once lockdown measures begin to relax, schools and nurseries may opt to include these sanitation stations as part of a plan to meet increased hygiene measures and in the continued fight to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.  If you work in a customer-facing office, it would also be beneficial to include one these stations along with sneeze guards between desks to ensure the protection of your staff.

These free-standing units include prevention graphics which can also be customised to meet your needs. For example, as a school setting, you may wish to include simplified instructions for the station or one that incorporates children’s artwork.

Roller Blind Hygiene Screens

Roller Blind Hygiene Screens

For the safety of your company and staff, we currently supply Roller Blind Hygiene Screens. Being able to separate your employees in an office with a protective screen is crucial in these times, not only for protecting them against COVID-19 but also against any airborne pathogens, germs and bacteria.

Our Roller Blind Protective Panels can be fixed to the ceiling with ease and are fully retractable. They act as virus-bacteria screens and are made from hygienic, easy to clean soft PVC cut into a thin but effective curtain.

These screens are a minimally-intrusive option for desk division in any office space, cafeteria and other areas. Our Retractable Clear Sneeze Guards come in 2 widths: 650mm (ideal for using between desks) and 1350mm (for a variety of uses). These Roller Blind COVID Screens have a maximum drop of 2.2 metres and can be optionally sold with a guide wire to keep them firmly in place.

Our prices (subject to change) are currently €169 for the 650mm wide version and €259 for the 1350mm wide panel.