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Acoustic Tiles Ireland

Acoustic tiles are products which are used to absorb noise or soundproof rooms for a variety of different purposes.

Poor acoustics can be detrimental to the functionality of a space.

Considering the purpose of your space and designing it accordingly to include sound absorption or sound proofing features helps to promote effective communication, improved sound quality and wellbeing.

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acoustic tiles ireland

While the majority of companies who offer soundproofing tiles have a range of products in a foam material, we offer our bespoke sound absorbing tiles in wood or plastic as well.

Choosing to use wood may sometimes be a superior solution for your project. Wood panels have generally good sound dampening qualities and look better than the foam or plastic alternatives.

A further benefit of choosing wooden acoustic tiles is that they are available in a range of styles and designs — which means they can add a unique finish to any space.

We are able to provide sound absorbing tiles in a range of finishes (spray painted in any colour) and can also produce bespoke designs. If you are stuck for inspiration, have a look at the designs on this page for some ideas.

One of the most popular designs are the slotted panels. These tiles are not only durable but also provide an attractive finish for walls or ceilings.

Like our other sound absorbing tiles, they can also be finished in range of perforations and patterns.

perforated panels

Sound Absorbing Tiles

Alongside our MDF panels, we also offer sound absorbing panels made from timber or veneered wood.

These tiles provide a quality finish to any space and could be the perfect solution for those customers looking for a premium finish.

If you are interested in ordering acoustic tiles in Ireland, get in touch with one of our team who offer solutions meeting your design brief and budget.

We are experts in providing acoustic solutions in a range of rooms and spaces, such as:

  • Lecture theatres
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Retail units

These are only a handful of commercial spaces that we can work with. Contact us today and we will help you find the best soundproofing solution for you.

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Perforated Acoustic Panels Made of Wood

Perforated acoustic panels are designed to reduce sounds produced by musicians, sounds systems, industrial tools and other sounds.

Perforated wood panels also decrease reverberation so that sounds do not disturb adjoining rooms in the same building or indeed attached buildings.

While perforation of the tiles aids sound absorption, they also offer a more aesthetically pleasing finish and can be done in various sizes and patterns.

Available in MDF, veneered wood or timber, our perforated tiles are a popular choice in professional workplaces. We have supplied acoustic tiles to many clients in Ireland — from shops to large office spaces or buildings.

Having a common theme running through the building provides a joined-up feel. Using our CNC router we can design the tiles in any way you want in order to fit in with your brand.

If you are starting from scratch or redesigning a commercial space such as a retail unit, large office or multi-purpose space, we can help you make it look and sound great.

We also design and produce decorative panels which can help provide a complete stylish re-fit. We use our experience to provide innovative, creative and practical solutions to meet your needs.

acoustic panels

Acoustic Panels

Largely our clients request acoustic panels for their walls. However, we are also able to provide panels which hang from ceilings.

In large open spaces, opting for ceiling panels helps stop sound reverberations.

Similarly to our wall panels, ceiling acoustic panels can also be produced in a range of finishes.

Choosing to match the wall patterns to the ceiling patterns is a popular choice. However, you could choose to be creative and mix and match designs for a bolder artistic finish.

Our sound absorbing panels are also a useful additional to learning environments such as classrooms or lecture theatres. When considering designing a large space such as a library or lecture theatre, it is important to think about the acoustics and minimising reverberation.

Alongside this practical consideration we can also support you in fitting these spaces with furniture.

Using our CNC router we can offer a variety of quality solid surfaces for conference room desks and worktops, and innovative counter solutions which would suit the work spaces within a library.

Using one company will help to create a harmonious design and joined up process from start to finish.

acoustic wall panels

Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic wall panels are by far the most popular choice of sound absorbing solution we provide.

These wooden panels are extremely versatile, and we can use our CNC router machine to provide made-to-measure panels with extreme precision. Whether you are looking to fit out a large or small space, we have a range of solutions to suit your needs.

When opting to fit your room with sound absorbing panels you are able to pick a finish which complements the existing layout and colour of the room.

As a company experienced in carpentry we can also manufacture and provide objects which contribute to the style you wish to create.

Making simple changes can make huge statements. For example, check out where you can order a CNC cut, custom radiator cover to match your new acoustic wall panels.