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We use our CNC router to cut something in every single project we do. Yes, It’s really that valuable and versatile. So, what does it do? A CNC router is a computer-operated machine that cuts a piece of material the exact same way every time. This is essential for the mass production of wooden pieces, such as bunk bed frames or a radiator cover.

We can use our CNC to cut anything you need, Wood, Plastic, Acrylic or Foam. The CNC router is also perfect for any logo & design work, such as signage, as it can pump out the same design/sign over and over without any error. This ensures that your branding and brand image will be identical over many products.

Mostly our CNC router is used to cut slatwall. Slatwall & Slatwall accessories are used to hold products in most stores around the country. They are perfect to save space in the store and make sure each individual product has adequate spacing, so nothing looks too cramped. They really open up the store and allow the store to breathe.

If you or your company is in need of cutting services, you can contact us by phone or email 9-5 Monday – Friday.