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dry dashing

Dry dashing is widely used to decorate the exterior of houses with pebbles and stones using a cement solution. The process of dry dashing includes stones and pebbles to be applied within minutes after the cement has been spread on the wall for them to stick.

Even though it has to be a quick process of application, depending on the area it may take from one day to a lot longer. Preparing the surface area of the house may include installing scaffolding and getting rid of any old dry dashing if present.

Weather considerations is a big factor. Ideally a dry day with no rain would be the best day to do dry dashing. Otherwise if it rains, the professional will have to stop the work and start again once the rain stops extending job over several more hours.

There are different surface areas you can cover with dry dashing. Covering the top of the house will require less completion time but as the areas increase so does the time. Materials used for dry dashing are designed to withstand Irish weather conditions.

Choosing the colours for dry dashing stones you have wide variety of options. Normally you would mix in a few colours together or you can request your own unique mixture of coloured stone.

Our professionals supplying dry dashing services are skilled and experienced to anticipate all the variable influencing the quality of the end result. We guarantee the durability of our service allowing you to enjoy the exterior of your house for a long time.

We work with commercial projects as well as private. If you're looking to get the exterior of your company or your shop to be done and install new signage, get in touch with our CNC router team for a detailed consultation.